Making my own Nordic Gold please help

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Hey guys I was looking at making a nice big bar of Nordic Gold. I will be sanding polishing & buffing the final product for my collection.
To make it Iíll need the following mix
89% Copper
5% Aluminium
5% Zinc
1% Tin
Iíll be using the following amounts below as Iím limited with my crucible size
2002 grams Copper
112.5 grams each Alum/Zinc
22.5 grams tin
My question is when mixing should I put all the metals in at the same time or melt from lowest to highest adding the next metal once molten or highest to lowest. I was a bit worried about adding Zinc and aluminium to molten copper as itís a massive difference in melting temps compared to the copper. Any help would be greatly appreciated . I will be doing a video on the whole process when I get some spare time and will upload the link and pictures once itís finished. I will be using my gas furnace with a graphite/clay crucible.
Thanks in advance for any help my friends.


  1. Rasper's Avatar
    the blog section will be unlikely to get you any replies. Few people ever come here. Post your question in the forum.