Home Health Care Agency in Milwaukee

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Your care is our business. Our professional Milwaukee home care caregivers https://medgrouphomehealthcare.com/ , certified nursing assistants and home health aids handle all of your in home care needs.

Our managers make house visits and check on all of our clients regularly, ensure they are getting the care they needs and are happy with their caregivers and services.

Our care coordinators will communicate with you and your loved ones. They will train the caregiver on the job to make sure that you will receive the best care that you deserve. There will always be communication between the caregiver and your loved ones to make sure we are providing you with the care that you need. Your family will be trained by our caregivers, to ensure that your family can give you the same kind of care.

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Licensed, Insured & Bonded.

Plan of Care for Non-Medical Home Care Services:


Bed Bath/Sponge Bath
Shampoo Hair
Brush/Comb Hair
Nail Care/Clean and File ONLY
Mouth Care
Apply make up
Skin Care/Non-medicated lotion to dry areas
Assist with getting dress
Medication reminder(Caregivers can not dispense medications)
Vital signs


Clean Kitchen-Dishes
Take out trash
Clean bedroom/Vacuum/Dust
Clean Living area/Vacuum/Dust
Clean bathroom
Make bed/change bed linen


Prepare meals/snacks
Assist feeding
Restrict fluids
Encourage fluids

Assist with walking(ambulatory)
Turn position in bed (bedridden)
Transfer/Bed/Chair (wheelchair)
Assist with home exercises
Range of motion exercises

Assist to bathroom
Assist urinal/bedpan
Assist to bedside commode
Incontinence care
Empty colostomy bag
Empty catheter bag
Take for walk
Accompany to appointments
Provide transportation
Encourage fluids.
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