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  1. Ya, I wish I lived away from the city. My neighbors have never called the fire department for the stuff I do, even when huge amounts of burning embers from my charcoal furnace shoot 20 feet in the air. That happened when I took off the air distributor to do some forging and lots of hot coals fell into the air pipe. Bad idea to try clearing it by turning the leaf blower on full blast.... anyway, nothing of the sort caused tons of smoke or smell (for very long, anyway) ,so I haven't gotten complaints. I will definitely look at some flee markets. if there is one close enough to take my motorized bike, that would be cool cuz I don't have a car.
  2. Hey POP, Petee716 here. I saw from the member map that you live in Oak Park. My sister lived there for quite awhile. We grew up in a rural area where just about anything goes (south of Buffalo, ny). One day she decided to trim some trees in her backyard. When she was done she piled up the trimmings and lit'em up. Well, apparently that's not allowed there. At least that's what the fire department told her when they showed up! Just thought I'd share that with you.
    Anyway, if you google Chicago area flea market I'm sure you'll find a weekly one near you. You will be amazed at how cheap stuff goes for. Don't worry about not being able to afford something you find there. Just go check it out. Good luck, and keep at it!
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