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    Oil Burner Wont light

    Good stuff Pete. If he trys gasoline, we will never hear from him ever again! In that video above, I KNOW it looks wacky the way I start, but it works

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    New Job

    Lol, that didn't last long! I was too quick and started eating up the other guys overtime. Here we go again.

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    Tobho Mott

    Pipe for oil burner

    Hi Alejandro, and welcome to the forums!

    Your English is fine. Since you brought it up, it's, "with," not, "whit," but

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    Pipe for oil burner

    Hello everybody, my name is Alejandro, I am from Argentina. First of all I must say thanks for all the excellent information shared here. So I made a

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    Tobho Mott

    metal vids

    DIY spin casting setup for casting pewter gaming miniatures.

    Spin caster:

    A little scary looking but could

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