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    We had a total eclipse here in August 1999, I watched it with a welding glass. My wife immediately went into labour so I have since decided not to watch

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    It's kind of stupid I know but after this, I'm sort of looking forward to the April 2024 eclipse, both Petee and I will be in the path of totality.

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    Funny thing is, there's nothing wrong with the guy who's selling them. He's just providing a real idiot an opportunity. Once in a lifetime.
    A guy

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    Wow, the moon got in the way of the sun again. I'm not gonna lie, I checked it out through my welding hood just because it was there. Neat to see but

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    Stage 2 of the Sickness

    'tis how I been rollin' recently too. Needa bigger bead, use a bigger lay-wire

    There are situations where it doesn't work so good. It's

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