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    Living here in the St. Louis area... That is all we have been hearing about... local traffic was and is a mess. Backed up for miles... I have to admit

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    It was weird here... not a full eclipse - there was a sliver of sun present through the 'plumber's nightmare' camera-obscura I made of abs tube, a blended

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    About 75% where I was but clear skies and good viewing.
    This graph is kind of interesting, the time scale is in UTC which is EDT + 4hrs, the blue

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    Cafe Racer Bicycle

    The brake handles have kill switches that feedback to the controller. I also want a master power cut off. Hence the 30 amp switch.
    I feel some casting

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    I drove to Greenville SC to see the total eclipse. Skies were nearly clear. Truly weird and amazing! Totally worth traveling to see it in person. Pictures

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