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    Tobho Mott

    Advice needed for foundry

    4" for the refractory? That's a 2" thick hot face, sounds like a lot to me; mine is only 1" and some here have 3/4". I would have

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    Tobho Mott

    Steel Wool as Reinforcement

    Are you talking about Grant Thompson The King of Random's plaster of paris mini melting furnace video?

    If so, please search the forum for

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    Advice needed for foundry

    Buy the crucible FIRST! Build furnace to suit the size. I'm not sure how big your pieces will be that you wish to pour. So I'm going out on a limb

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    Grizzly G4000 lathe

    I was using insert tooling and now I switched to HSS which made a big difference with mild steel. I put a generous radius on the bit and I cut a piece

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    metal vids

    When he talks about the traditional way of making molds between glass plates and the difficulty with uniform pressure. We used this sort of setup but

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