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    Propane burner safty

    Thanks all
    I have a noob question

    Is there a chance for a blower to play a role like a oxygen tank in burners ?
    For example

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    Stage 2 of the Sickness

    Hardy Har Har.... Yeah, it was my dumbass that learned the hard way. Welding on casters is NEVER a good idea. I arced the bearings. To add insult

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    Stage 2 of the Sickness

    I'll tell you what, that DeWalt cold saw made all the difference in the world cutting the steel and the angles.

    Best and smartest dollar

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    Propane burner safty

    flash back arrestors are only needed when the oxygen/air supply is at a higher pressure then the fuel, they are used with propane and oxygen torches.

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    Stage 2 of the Sickness

    Looks great! Hope you didn't stain anything lifting the kiln in.lol. I was very pleased with my angle iron table saw base frame. It was a great welding

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