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    Project: Muller

    Well I'm making progress. I was able to cast the 6 smaller pulleys the other night. With the molten Al at 1513*F, 823*C according to my pyrometer, I first

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    Building a shop to house a foundry

    your molding area needs a concrete or steel floor so you dont loose all your sand, but the pouring area is best over sand/dirt

    V/r HT1

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    Jury duty... Civic bs

    Wait a sec...I thought that was what ya called: All the lawyers at the bottom of the ocean...they can't BOTH be true, can they?

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    Building a shop to house a foundry

    Thanks all for your comments, I will try to answer questions.

    The furnace is a Johnson gas 900SS. Here is a link to a picture and specs:

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    Jury duty... Civic bs

    We all know what 10 dead lawyers laying on the courthouse lawn is called? For those that don't know, it is called a start!

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