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  1. Please Help - Mystery Machine - Massive Wax Injection System??

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    I have a real mystery on my hands. And I'm hoping somebody on this forum can help me solve it.

    A couple of years ago and purchased a large shop machine that had a vacuum pump on it that I need it for a project. That project has since been completed but I never ended up using that vacuum pump on this mystery machine.

    I was told that this was a prototype large portable wax injection machine, intended for industrial purposes. After examining it, and looking online
  2. Sand Casting Shinkage/caving

    I am brass casting an piece that is About 1.5 inches thick and tapers down to 3/4 inch thick. I get a caving in or shrinkage. I have moved my air holes and the gates but still have the problem. And suggests?
  3. 3D printed patterns

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    Any luck with the pattern? Is Don Dagen at make717 helping you out?
    Still working on it. Haven't met Don D yet. I'll keep an eye out for him.
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