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  1. Is this type of plaster appropriate for a refractory lining?

    This specific casting plaster is only a fraction of the price of plaster of paris and seems to have the same chemical composition i.e. Calcium Sulphate Hemihydrate

    I wanted to replicate the "Grant Thomson - King of Random foundry" ( and I was wondering if this plaster when mixed with sand would yield the same result as plaster of paris?
  2. My 1st waste oil burner design (based on how a nebulizer works)

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    I wanted to show off my 1st waste oil burner design. I have always been fascinated with nebulizers. My first attempt at designing a burner involved nebulizing kerosene and ducting the gas through a propane venturi. It did work but way too small and expensive to run. I figured I needed to use waste oil to bring down the cost and design a new method. I was playing around with my nebulizer with a little kerosene in it and I removed the baffle and turned on the air. The vacuum disk sucked the kerosene
  3. would a plaster and sand crucible work?

    I recently watched a video of a refractory cement substitute made from 50% sand and 50% plaster of paris. Could this same mixture be used to make a crucible strong enough to melt aluminum?
  4. What is this ceramic "slurry" made out of?

    Hi I'm new here

    this video contains a ceramic "slurry" substance that appears to be really effective at preserving detail for lost wax casting, as well as being incredibly heat resistant. I was just curious as to what it is made out of and whether there was some kind of recipe for it, that can be produced with stuff from a hardware store.

    If it's too hard to obtain, I already have an alternative in which ...
  5. copper - silver alloy

    Hi everybody, another newbie here, to the forum and the actual action :-)
    I am not as ambitious as other, so I intend to buy an electric furnace to melt copper and silver for my project.
    I need to make a copper 95% and silver 5% alloy and cast 3.75" x 2.50" x .05 " plates for an electrolytic cell.
    I have a few issues I have to figure out:
    1.) supplier of 99% pure copper (~10kg, reside in Las Vegas)
    2.) ...
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