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  1. My 1st waste oil burner design (based on how a nebulizer works)

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    I wanted to show off my 1st waste oil burner design. I have always been fascinated with nebulizers. My first attempt at designing a burner involved nebulizing kerosene and ducting the gas through a propane venturi. It did work but way too small and expensive to run. I figured I needed to use waste oil to bring down the cost and design a new method. I was playing around with my nebulizer with a little kerosene in it and I removed the baffle and turned on the air. The vacuum disk sucked the kerosene
  2. would a plaster and sand crucible work?

    I recently watched a video of a refractory cement substitute made from 50% sand and 50% plaster of paris. Could this same mixture be used to make a crucible strong enough to melt aluminum?
  3. What is this ceramic "slurry" made out of?

    Hi I'm new here

    this video contains a ceramic "slurry" substance that appears to be really effective at preserving detail for lost wax casting, as well as being incredibly heat resistant. I was just curious as to what it is made out of and whether there was some kind of recipe for it, that can be produced with stuff from a hardware store.

    If it's too hard to obtain, I already have an alternative in which ...
  4. copper - silver alloy

    Hi everybody, another newbie here, to the forum and the actual action :-)
    I am not as ambitious as other, so I intend to buy an electric furnace to melt copper and silver for my project.
    I need to make a copper 95% and silver 5% alloy and cast 3.75" x 2.50" x .05 " plates for an electrolytic cell.
    I have a few issues I have to figure out:
    1.) supplier of 99% pure copper (~10kg, reside in Las Vegas)
    2.) ...
  5. Hi I am new but have a interesting question

    Hi i am new to this site.
    I would like to ask a question that could be a new concept in casting (maybe not )
    I will be trying an experiment after I finish building a good furnace.
    I am presently living on a very small island in the Philippines and wax is hard to come by. Hence it is hard to produce cast pieces using the last wax concept.
    Here is the new concept.
    I will be casting in sand. What if i a made a plaster of paris mold then coated that mold with handmade ...
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