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  1. Need some flat plate. Made my own.

    I need some 6mm flat stock to make the motor mounts for my little CNC gantry Mill, so I decided to cast some.

    I got heavy shrinkage...

    Luckily the pouring spout was long.

  2. Started (yet another) project - Small CNC Gantry Mill

    Hi Guys,

    Since you can never have too many unfinished projects floating around, I thought I'd start another one.

    The write upo will be...

    I am sick of having my Mill 1 hours drive away, but the last four houses we offered on we didn't get, so we're still in an apartment. ...
  3. hand with marble

    Updated 12-07-2011

    This is my next project, still a work in progress. I am planning to put a marble in a cast hand. It will have a light coming up under it to light up the marble.

    Here is the molding material I used:

    Here is the wax pattern: I am not too happy with how it turned out but I think I cleaned ...

    Updated 12-13-2011 at 09:10 PM by metalshop

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  4. Folding stands

    I had taken a picture this summer, of some folding stands I fabbed up a few years back, figured you guys might enjoy the pic. These are some of the handiest tools I've made, they get used a lot. The legs are solid sucker rod, grade eight bolts on all joints, with the nuts tacked, so they can't work off. A pipe across two make an instant saw horse. All 4 with two pipes and some plywood make an adjustable height table. I also made some socket type extensions, when I needed a bit more height on a project. ...
  5. first test at full

    friends as I was saying, here's the litmus test, a full

    Click image for larger version. 

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    raises the temperature of 700 c in 10 minutes
    now working on an injector to save fuel and be more efficient
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