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  1. Workshop improvements

    I'll probably end up adding more to this since it's missing a lot of photos, but here's some stuff that I've done:

    I finally found the money to buy a sheet of 3/4" plywood. Before, I had a 1/2" sheet as my bench top and it was sagging in the middle pretty bad. Anyway, it's hard to see the difference but it went from a warped, dirty (lots of wax spills among other things) sheet of plywood to a nice sturdy bench top.

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  2. Frech Chef's Knife

    This is something I whipped up for my girlfriend's mother for Christmas. She's a hell of a cook

    Handle is Teak from the deck of my old sail boat.

    Getting started, I free-handed the shape with a jig saw and started grinding.


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  3. Materials I have right now.

    Here are the materials I have right now.

    Click image for larger version. 

Name:	Steel tin that can be made into a furnace..jpg 
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    The dimensions of this tin is 6inches deep and 10 7/16inches across.

    Pic 2:
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    This is the kaowool I have. It is 2300F kaowool. The dimensions of this is about 2 inches wide, 2 inches thick, and 25 feet long.

    I am trying to figure out how to use these materials to make a wood or charcoal fired aluminum melting furnace.

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  4. First Blog Post

    First blog post. This seems like the ideal place to detail my projects since it isn't occupying space on the forum and it doesn't necessitate a reply, but people can still comment on it.

    Latest progress, a new, lighter, more efficient furnace. 5 cm kaowool insulation, a little under 1 cm hotface (the slab roller was set to " but it must not be very accurate), with a tuyere for a " nominal burner. The bore is roughly 20 cm and fits an A6 clay graphite crucible from McMaster. ...
  5. Need some flat plate. Made my own.

    I need some 6mm flat stock to make the motor mounts for my little CNC gantry Mill, so I decided to cast some.

    I got heavy shrinkage...

    Luckily the pouring spout was long.

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