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  1. homemade refractory for wood burning stoves

    dose anyone know if the home made refractory mixes (portland cement,silica sand, perlite and fire clay) will work well for lining a wood stove made from a 30 gallon tank? how long can i expect it to last? it seems to me than if it will work to melt aluminium then it will work in a stove.
  2. Muller Build (continued)

    I welded some angle iron legs on it:

    I also welded the secondary pipe (in the three-part nesting shaft) on to the bottom. I'm using 1/2" bar stock for the primary shaft since that's what I have right now and it seems hefty enough.

    The tertiary pipe/shaft is schedule 80 1" (nom.) ...

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  3. Universal Indicator Stand

    Yet another one-off shop project. I became frustrated with the quality of my cheap HF indicator stand, and decided I could do better.

    A little background: The stand I have now is either this one, or very similar to it. It's cheap Chinese quality, but workable if it's attached to a cheap Chinese dial indicator, and I've had it for a couple years.

    The point when it became inadequate is when I got my Mitutoyo digital indicator. That one was an eBay score (no way can I afford ...
  4. There is now a concrete floor and heat

    Well we did a little bartering with a freind who does construction to finish the concrete floor. I figured it would take just over 7 yards to pour a 4" slab so I ordered 8. We had to wheel barrel it about twenty feet through our carport, however the my friend's sons did all the wheel barreling while the father and oldest son did the finishing. Here is a couple of photos of the space with the new floor and lights.
  5. Muller Build

    I didn't want to clutter up the muller thread with updates so here are some pictures:
    Drum before:

    Marked for cutting down:

    If there was ever a time I wished I had a sandblaster, it's now:


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