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  1. Mako propane burner

    While making an Oliver Upwind, I learned a few things and decided to try my hand at designing a burner.

    I wanted a burner that could run well at very low pressure, but still crank it out.

    Design Goals:
    • Easy to build

    • Cheap

    • Simple/Minimal parts

    • Compact and light

    • Versatile: furnace, forge or hand torch

    Updated 06-21-2011 at 03:58 AM by GypsyTinker

  2. Raku Firing

    I did a raku firing a couple days ago--they ran out of raku kiln space at my ceramics class, so I took a couple things home to fire.
    Kiln loaded, ready to start. I have three tumblers with low-fire raku glaze on them, and one bowl with cone 10 glaze that's already been fired and didn't come out right. That glaze is supposed to turn red in reduction--didn't happen. So, I'll raku it and see ...
  3. wood lathe 2

    I had to split the blog because it exceeded the 10 pics allowed .
    I replaced the round bar with a square bar as Metal hero told, it won't slip sideways that way.

    And I sprayed some blue paint because I was bored with the crappy look. I'll probably have to wipe it out later but it won't rust in the meantime.

    I need to make pulleys, not sure what to make it out. So I ...

    Updated 10-16-2011 at 03:49 PM by TRYPHON974

  4. Drill Press Table Counterbalance

    A while ago I obtained a fairly well-used drill press (can you believe they were just throwing it away?), and after using it as-is for a while, I finally decided to tear it down and make some modifications.

    The first thing I did was take apart the spindle assembly and pull the bearings. The spindle bearings themselves were marginally okay but felt like they had some junk in them, and the spline shaft bearings were so loose that they rattled when I shook them. No grit, no catastrophic ...
  5. Universal Indicator Stand

    Yet another one-off shop project. I became frustrated with the quality of my cheap HF indicator stand, and decided I could do better.

    A little background: The stand I have now is either this one, or very similar to it. It's cheap Chinese quality, but workable if it's attached to a cheap Chinese dial indicator, and I've had it for a couple years.

    The point when it became inadequate is when I got my Mitutoyo digital indicator. That one was an eBay score (no way can I afford ...
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