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  1. Sand Casting Shinkage/caving

    I am brass casting an piece that is About 1.5 inches thick and tapers down to 3/4 inch thick. I get a caving in or shrinkage. I have moved my air holes and the gates but still have the problem. And suggests?
  2. 3D printed patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by DavidF View Post
    Any luck with the pattern? Is Don Dagen at make717 helping you out?
    Still working on it. Haven't met Don D yet. I'll keep an eye out for him.
  3. 3D printed patterns

    Quote Originally Posted by Joanna Furnace View Post
    Stay tuned, viewers! I have a deadline to make the replica iron �� for an open house on May 20th. Thank you for your input.
  4. What is the biggest problem you get when throttling back a burner?

    When you try to reduce the heat that a burner is producing, the only way to do it is to throttle back both the air and the fuel being used.
    Simply reducing the fuel will create an environment that has too much oxygen in it which means that anything else in the foundry will tend to become oxidized - not a good thing.
    Reducing the air will create an environment that has too much fuel in it which means that in the case of using old motor oil a lot of smoke will be created and everything ...
  5. What am I all about? What am I getting up to? How am I doing it?

    I think that I am going to like being a member of this forum for a number of reasons, the main one is that the members here seem to be "down to earth" types who do not simply roast you if you ask a question that they do not like.
    The second reason is this "blog" feature.
    However, unlike a "normal" blog, I will be using my blog as a place to document all sorts of things as they pop into my head with the hope that other members will take a look and tell ...

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