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  1. Metal Shop

    This is a blog about starting a backyard foundry from virtually nothing.

    'Nothing' includes this shop and area outside.
    Click image for larger version

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    I will be putting a slab of concrete in front of this shop building where I can install the foundry and sand casting area.

    This sketch shows the layout of the foundry shopClick image for larger version

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    The fire feed provides heat for the charcoal kiln (retort) or ...

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  2. MAF Adapter - start to finish

    I wanted to make a cast aluminum MAF adapter for my SR20DE engine. Most of the aftermarket adapters available are plastic and flimsy, and overtime will fail due to heat cycling. So I made a pattern to cast from.

    A bit of luan for the base, an offcut from a soup can for the tube section, and some durhams water putty to add draft and girth.

  3. Epic Plastic injection molder project

    ive stated making some patterns to get this project started
    so the complete plans have not been drawn , just a bunch of parts in cad
    so im going with an 8inch air ram for injection force , and a 25mm auger for the Heating / mixing stage
    the auger will be driven by a 1200oz/in stepper with a 8:1 gearbox , full speed should make 120rpm , = 1 horsepower

    so the basic design is below
  4. Help a n00b out?

    This question is a tad embarrassing, but how do you post a new thread? I'm in the process of making my first furnace, and I need some answers about refractory. Would a 4:1 perlite to 3200 degree furnace cement (by volume) work? I don't intend on melting anything hotter than copper, at least for now. Cost is the overriding concern for me.
  5. 44 gallon drum designs copper scrapper waste oil burner

    Want to build a scrapper and waste oil burner as I have unlimited waste oil at my disposal. Ideally I would like to put scrap in one end and fill the
    tray ingot at the other end. I have a few 44's laying around are they suitable? Can get plate rolled. Need a design and ideas.
    Looking to pick all your brains. Thank you looking forward to your thoughts. I have been reading this forum for a bit and I have seen some interesting things. Just want ideas on how to. Thanks
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