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  1. Desperate! Searching someone to melt brass into a ring for pay

    I tried to register however still can not log in. I want to try to find someone that can melt a brass key and it's attachment piece that has a room number on it. It's from a cool, old Inn that my fiancÚ and I stayed at the first time we kissed. I desperately am trying to find someone that can smelt it down and mold it into a ring. I never thought it would be so hard. I have my heart set on this. If there's anyone that has the ability to do something like this I will pay for the services and even ...
  2. burner terminology for casting furnaces

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    As i have looked over some of my responses to discussions, There is a terminology difference between what is used here and that used the combustion industry.

    I'm going to define the terms as used in the combustion industry.

    A burner is a device that mixes fuel and air and reduces the velocities below flame spread rate and ignites the mixture, from that point on until combustion is complete is referred to as a combustion chamber we melt our metals in the combustion
  3. metal

    Foundry practice; a text book for executives, molders, students and apprentices (1929)

    Modern Iron Foundry Practice (1902)
  4. Steam burnout kiln

    Can anyone point me in the direction to a place where I might find out about building a large steam burnout kiln to de wax ceramic shell molds??
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  5. Metal Shop

    This is a blog about starting a backyard foundry from virtually nothing.

    'Nothing' includes this shop and area outside.
    Click image for larger version. 

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    I will be putting a slab of concrete in front of this shop building where I can install the foundry and sand casting area.

    This sketch shows the layout of the foundry shopClick image for larger version. 

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    The fire feed provides heat for the charcoal kiln (retort) or ...

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