1. Lost foam Treble Clef

    I worked this up for an art gallery that is doing a show, "Wine, Women, and Song".

    I cut it out and formed it with my wicked looking drywall knife and coated it with one coat of 20 minute drywall mud. I put it in loose sand to the sprue and then filled it the rest of the way with greensand. Now I have to sand it, and finish it. I will send it out to my E-zine when I have it done.


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  2. hand with marble

    Updated 12-07-2011

    This is my next project, still a work in progress. I am planning to put a marble in a cast hand. It will have a light coming up under it to light up the marble.

    Here is the molding material I used:

    Here is the wax pattern: I am not too happy with how it turned out but I think I cleaned ...

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  3. Casting riddle...guess what this cast machine is

    Here is the on it if you want to see the answer page:

  4. Next project: stool for the granddaughter

    I will do this blog like I did the last one...a work in progress.
    Updated 1-26-2012

    I updated and put new pictures in the comments section because I already have 10 pictures in this post.

    My daughter went away to college with my granddaughter. She wanted to take the stool from the bathroom for her 2.5 year old but my other daughter needs it for her son...So, I promised her a new one. The old one was made for my kids about 18 years ago. It is made out of wood because ...

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  5. Bad alloy video and joke

    I took this video about a pour I did a while ago. It shows the danger of pouring/ mixing metals of unknown alloys together!

    Did that video scare you?

    Gary from the castinghobby Yahoo list scanned this metal and here are the results:

    We brought the sample into the field of the Death Ray and got the following
    results. All elements that responded are listed but ...

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