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05-23-2008, 04:49 PM
This is actually more of a problem I am having at work than I am having at home, since I don't have any live machining stuff at home aside from an incomplete lathe.

Anyway, at work there is a Fagor 8025 CNC controller connected to a Pratt & Whitney Tri-Max XV milling machine. It lost it's battery and settings, and while I have already replaced the battery and recalculated most of the settings, it still doesn't run.

There aren't any errors shown, but whenever I put it into Jog mode it basically freezes up- not only does it not move, but it will not return to the operating mode menu unless I force it out of Jog by tripping the emergency stop.

In addition, this particular control seems to flatly refuse any and all input other than it's config data, including downloading by RS232 via DNC, direct program entry, and manual jog mode. Whenever I try to input to it, it freezes up.

It's been bugging me for a while now, especially because this afternoon I will be working on a General Electric MarkCentury ONE connected to a Bostomatic 312 mill with a second spindle and W Axis.

That one also has frozen up on entering Jog mode before, and also had lost it's batteries and settings. I've already replaced the batteries and approximated the settings again, though I need to get more fuses for it, apparently it got fuse-robbed during it's downtime and only two fuses in a bank of 12 are still present- likely the last two are the ones that power the controller. Three Phase 480V controlling this, there are four fuse banks for the four different axis on this machine, and right now only two are present- completing the phase to the control box.

Is there a hidden setting somewhere to make these run again? Or am I just missing something obvious.

06-10-2008, 05:50 AM
I can't help you with your problem, but I'd love to know how I become a CNC machinist :) that sounds like fun, although I'm sure your 2 ton paperweight isn't.

06-11-2008, 04:39 AM
I've managed to get the Bostomatic machine up to full running capacity, it is actually a 14/40 not a 312.

Though the Fagor still flatly refuses my attempts to get it working, there has got to be something about it I am overlooking.


I'm not actually a CNC Machinist yet, I just happened to have a background in mechanics and electronics, and some machine experience from high school shop class in addition to some things I picked up on this forum.

I got hired at a shop and not only am using what I know of electromechanical stuff to repair some of the machines there that haven't been working for years, but am also getting on-the-job training for CNC operation.

Though it's mostly just button-pushing, between MasterCam and the CNC controls almost all the work aside from pushing buttons, loading parts, and maintaining the tool index there isn't much to it anymore.

Still is a fair bit though, some parts have to have their programs edited by hand to compensate for machine inconsistancy or special requirements.

Originally I was doing manual machining though, since the theory is the same you are just taking the parts the computer does as well as tool and part changes etc.

Oh and the 2-ton paperweight was a reference to the car that I wrecked recently, not any of the machines at work. I wouldn't have a job if I did that.